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Shane Corley 6th Grade Social Studies

Background at Alcoa City Schools
As I start my second year with the sixth grade team I will be teaching Social Studies. After arriving at AMS in 2013 as a paraprofessional, I started teaching 7th grade ELA in 2015.  I originally began working for ACS as a paraprofessional at the elementary school in 2011.  In addition to teaching, I am also the head coach for the Alcoa High School girls and boys soccer teams and have been in this position since 2011.  Our girls team won the Class A State Championship in 2017.
I have a degree in Business Management from Tusculum University and completed my teacher certification through South College in Knoxville. 
wife:  Adrienne
sons:  Patrick and Aidan
Patrick is currently finishing his Masters degree at Milligan University and his student teaching assignment at Elizabethton High School.  Aidan is a senior at AHS and is working on decisions for college in the coming year.
6th Grade Social Studies
In social studies we will focus on standards associated with early human civilizations covering periods from early human civilizations up to the fall of the Roman Empire.  I will also teach one class of seventh grade SS.  For our seventh grade class we will cover standards through the middle ages up to exploration.  Resources for social studies may include text book, Study Island, Edpuzzle and Social Studies Weekly.  We will also utilize Google Classroom for assignments and tracking our work each 9 weeks.     


week of Jan. 5-8 ELA and Social Studies

Welcome back from break.  I hope everyone enjoyed time off and you are ready to start a new nine weeks.  In ELA this week we will have our usual assignment of I Ready for the week.  We will also start a new week of Wordly Wise with lesson 12.  Both I Ready and Wordly Wise will be on google classroom and will be due by the end of the week.  In class this week we will continue working on our language review with lesson 11 and read a story "The Mystery of the Cactus Arm" in Storyworks.  We will work through assignments on the story focusing on plot.
In social studies we will continue working on Ancient Greece.  We have already completed several assignments and will spend some time reviewing and then moving forward with a new Social Studies Weekly assignment along with some videos.  Please check google classroom for assignments. 

Reading and Social Studies Dec. 7-11

This week in reading we will have our second I Ready diagnostic.  Please encourage your student to be well rested and come ready to do their best on this assessment.  We will also be working on our 5 a Day Language review and have a quiz in Wordly Wise.  Our AR deadline has been pushed back to Dec. 15 to give students a few more days to achieve their goal and take tests since we are not in school s many days.
For social studies this week, we have started a new unit on Ancient Greece.   Currently the class is working on assignments in our atlas books, social studies weekly and a lesson assignment on the origin of the Olympics.  

Week of Nov. 30 thru Dec. 4

Reading class will have the usual I Ready weekly assignment as well as Worldy Wise lesson 11 due at the end of the week.  We will do a commonlit assignment in class this week along with our language review and journal entry #9.  if you are home on virtual days or out as quarantine, please remember to check google classroom daily for work.  Please email me with any questions or concerns.
for social studies this week we will take the Ancient Israel test and begin the new unit on Ancient Greece.  Please email with any questions.

ELA and Social Studies Nov. 16 - 20

This week in ELA we will work in Storyworks magazine on a new article.  We will have Wordly Wise lesson 10 on our assignment list as well.  This will also be week 8 on our language review practice.  We continue to have I Ready each week, please make sure you get in 45 minutes and pass a lesson.  Finally, don't forget, AR deadline is Dec. 11.  Many of you have gained points and some have reached their goal already.  Please be reading and taking quizzes to reach your goal and qualify for our pizza and fun day.
In social studies this week we will continue working on the unit for Ancient Israel.  If you have not completed the map quiz, it is due Monday.

ELA and Social Studies Nov. 9 - 11

This week in ELA we will again focus on everyone completing their IReady.  Parents, please encourage your student to work 45 minutes and pass at lest 1 lesson in IReady this wee and every week.  We will also continue with our 5 a day language review.  We will finish the Titanic with a quiz on Monday, then begin reading about Wilma Rudolph in Storyworks paired with an assignment in Commonlit followed by a test.
In Social Studies we have just started a new unit on Ancient Israel.  We will be working in Edpuzzle and in Social Studies Weekly.

Mr. Corley ELA and SS classes

It's nice to have everyone back in school for the 2nd nine weeks.  In ELA we will continue with our weekly work in I Ready.  We will also keep going forward with our vocabulary lessons in Wordly Wise.  New elements that we are adding this nine weeks include 5 a day language review that will be done daily as a class assignment.  For reading we will jump into some new areas, exploring Storyworks Magazine for relevant topics and Commonlit for reading opportunities in different genres.
For social studies we are starting this nine weeks learning about Ancient Egypt.  We will be using our world history book, atlas book as well as Edpuzzle on google classroom for most of our assignments.
I will continue to put assignments on google classroom for each class even though we will be doing as much work as possible in our classroom.