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All About Me

Thank you for visiting my personal page on our website. I teach seventh grade math.  We cover ratios, expressions and equations, geometry and statistics and probability.  You can find all of the seventh grade standards for mathematics on https://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/education/standards/math/stds_math.pdf  Specifically look at pages 72-78 for the seventh grade content.  Also, I have attached a copy of the FAQ for seventh grade math.  You can read those here.
If you need to contact me, please click on jamburgey@alcoaschools.net to send an email.
About Ms. Amburgey:
I completed my Bachelor's Degree from Tennessee Tech University in 1989 in Elementary Education.  In 1993, I earned a Master's Degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in Curriculum and Instruction, and in 1997 I attained an Education Specialists degree from Tennessee Tech University in Administration and Supervision.  I began teaching in the Spring of 1989 in Loudon County where I taught at Eaton Elementary in second grade; then I moved to Greenback School where I taught fourth grade.  In 2002, I was hired to teach at Alcoa Middle School, where I have been ever since.


Week of May 4-9

Hello All!
I have two lessons scheduled on iReady!  Let me know if you need help on them.  You can also check Google Classroom to get this information.
Ms. Amburgey

Week of April 27- May 2

Hello to all!
  This week I have assigned two lessons on multiplying and dividing integers.  If you remember, we worked on these earlier in the year when we learned the rules of multiplying and dividing positive/negative numbers.  
  Have a great week and remember that if you need me, email or call!
Love to all!!
Ms. Amburgey

Week of April 20-26

Hi everyone!
This week I have assigned two lessons that we worked on at the first of the year!  Adding and subtracting integers and adding and subtracting rational number are the lessons I want you to review.  Again, if you need help, please let me know and I will be glad to help!
Stay healthy!
Ms. Amburgey

April 13-18

Happy Easter to all!
This week I have scheduled only one lesson for you to work on.  It is on volume of a composed figure.  Volume is when you multiply length times (x) width times (x) height.  Your answer will be in feet cubed- to the power of 3.  This means how much of something can fit inside an object.  An example would be: How much sand can a sandbox hold?  
As always, if you need help, please email me or call 865-409-1423. Just say your name, and it will ring my phone.  
Remember you can do more of the lessons iReady has for you, but the one I have assigned would be something we would need to learn before the end of school!
Stay healthy and wash those hands often!
Ms. Amburgey

Week of April 6-11

Hello all my favorite kids!!
I have two lessons assigned for you this week.  The lessons will be available Monday through Saturday.  If you need any help, please email me!  I will be able to assist you on these two lessons!
Hope all of you are healthy and safe!
Ms. Amburgey

This Week...

I hope all of you have seen the lesson on iReady that I have scheduled for you.  Believe me, Monday was a day of learning for me trying to get it figured out.  This week's lesson is on Circles that we did before Spring Break.  You will need a calculator and to remember that for Pi, you should use 3.14.  
Please email me if you have any questions regarding this lesson or any others that I schedule for you during this time away from school.
I miss each one of you!
Ms. Amburgey

Week of March 30- April 3

Hello all of my wonderful classes,
   I hope all of you are doing well in this time of quarantine!  I have created two assignments for you to complete this week on iReady.  The first is on area of  composite figures and surface area.  Please complete these this week and let me know how you did on the lessons. I can't wait to hear from you!
Ms. Amburgey

March 30 - April 3

Hey guys!
On March 30 there will be a message for you regarding some educational opportunities to get you ready for the end of the year.  Please check back to see what it is!!!
Love you and stay safe!!
Ms. Amburgey