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Student Counseling Services

I've had the privilege to work with middle school students since 2000 and started working with Alcoa Middle School in 2002.  I love working with this age group because the tween/teen years are an exciting time of life, yet often challenging.  I would not want a "do-over" from my middle school years as it was a very difficult time. 
Children develop at different rates emotionally, physically, socially and academically.  There is not a "normal" way to be or to look during this stage of life.  The only "normal" during the middle school years is that students may feel insufficient or awkward at times.  My students have helped me remember that "in between" period of time.  I would describe middle school students as humorous, caring, forgiving and passionate about learning and life.   


WEEK OF APRIL 27, 2020

Hey guys!  Miss you.  Please email me and let me know how you are doing.  Love you all.
My all time favorite video to share with students, and the all time favorite video of students.  Great ANIMATION and based on a true story. It resonates with  middle school students (and high school students love this video as well).
Sending you all my love!

WEEK of April 20, 2020

Take some personality tests
This is a great time to get to know yourself better, so I am posting some links to take some online personality tests.  These are fun and very informative.  You will learn more about yourself after taking an assement and you can even find out about some potential jobs or careers that would be good fit based on your personality.  Self-knowledge is powerful and learning more about yourself will help you understand how you relate to others and how you relate to the world, as well.


Guided breathing session using the Wim Hoff method.
Watch and particpate in the Wim Hoff breathing method, for relaxation and to keep your lungs strong.  Wim Hoff believes in mind over matter.  He holds the Guiness World record for farthest swim under ice and set the world recrod for fastest half marathon barefoot on ice and snow.  He climbed up to Mount Everest wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and shoes. The "ice man" has broken many other records in his lifetime.  It all starts with breathing.  Try his method this week!

Week of March 30th

For the week of March 30th I have provided a video announcement and other information on how to contact me for counseling.  I have also added some links:  a meditation practice, to this day project and journaling for anxiety and depression.  Please email me on our school gmail (  I will reply to you.  We can also schedule zoom face to face meetings.  I will schedule that with you through gmail and will send you a zoom link once we set up a time.  Thinking of you all and sending my love.

Counseling Services throughout COVID 19

Information on how students can contact Mrs. Williamson for counseling services.

Please watch my video announcement (on this site) on how to continue counseling througout our time away from school.  The basic instructions are on the video, but if you reach out to me through our school email, I will respond to you and the address is:  We can also set up video chats or face time.  Sending love to you all.
Mrs. Williamson